Audio 20 Garmin: The 5 most common problems

Mercedes Audio 20 NTG51

Audio 20 can be supplied with or without Garmin navigation. PA1433 is the version with Garmin navigation and the PA1413 is without navigation. In addition, you have the HW II version (with CarPlay / Android support), the PA1701. This type number is written on the device.

Audio 20 NTG5 with Garmin
Audio 20 NTG5 with Garmin

The 5 common problems

Based on our experience over the past 4 years.

1. Unit does not turn on

Device does not turn on. The problem is internal (hardware) in the device.

2. Device always reboots after 30-60 seconds

Device starts up and works for a short while, but then restarts. Sound and navigation are also lost. Sometimes it works fine, but often the device reboots. Problem is software/hardware moderate.

3. Navigation no longer works

The cause can be twofold. Navigation map itself is broken. This can be easily tested by connecting the navigation card to the computer and checking whether it is still recognized and that the folders on the card have read+write characteristics. If this is the case, there is a problem in the device that we can solve

4. Android car or CarPlay does not work and/or device restarts

Firmware needs to be updated to a recent(er) state

5. Error Message: Manual is not available in your chosen language

This is not really a mistake, but you often see with import cars that the language of the digital manual is not updated. We can fix this by loading the correct manual