Becker map pilot repair options

Becker map pilot navigation pilot

The pilot systems have been converted into various models of the Mercedes and VW brands such as the A / B class, CLA, Sprinter, Crafter, Vito, ML and E class. Unfortunately, the systems are not flawless, but fortunately we can repair most cases again with our becker map pilot repair

Common problems with Becker Map Pilot

  • No GPS reception. Often this is in the antenna of the vehicle. Try a different antenna first
  • Unit keeps restarting
  • Unit indicates no battery. You can replace the battery yourself
  • Unit indicates red screen with “becker” and then does not proceed
  • Unit is no longer recognized via USB on the computer and also not in the car
  • Unit has frozen while updating the firmware and / or navigation software

Which models are there?

There are 2 model series. Generation I and Generation II. The big difference is that generation II is a lot faster and generation I has a large SD card slot. Generation II has a micro SD card expansion slot. Generation I systems

  • 9077 - 4GB version
  • 9077 - 8 GB version
  • MO13
  • MO41
  • MO45
  • MO46
  • MO50
  • MO51

Generation II systems

  • MO54
  • MO75
  • MO76
  • MO83
  • MO84
  • MO85
  • MO92
  • MO97

More information and becker map pilot repair options?

We have a special page created with all the options for a worry-free becker map pilot repair

Becker map pilot navigation repair
Becker map pilot navigation module