Burmester amplifier repair

Burmester amplifier have been converted in

  • C class 205
  • GLC class 253
  • Viano 447
  • S class 222
  • S coupe 217
  • AMG GT

Known Issues

  • Bootloader mode is active
  • No sound but fan kicks in
  • No communication possible (via MOST ring)


Costs of repair of this burmester amplifier are 400 euros in case there is no water damage. You can easily check this yourself by carefully removing the lid. Often you can already see on the outside. In the event of water damage, we would like to receive the photos in advance so that we can assess and you do not have to incur research costs


  • Revision parts
  • Cleaning water damage (if present)
  • Recent flash version

Part numbers

  • A2229006514
  • A4478201800
  • A4479017701
  • + others

burmeister amplifier
Burmester amplifier repair 3

Repairable water damage (see yellow arrow)