Japan Conversion Mercedes S class

An overview that you should take into account with Japan conversion Mercedes S class type 221 or Mercedes CL class type 215

Mercedes Comand NTG3
Mercedes Comand NTG3 European
Japan ombumw Mercedes s
Mercedes Comand NTG3 Japan

Import W221 from Japan or USA

S class model 221 (2006-2012) are very popular vehicles and are frequently imported. The advantage is a comfortable car by current standards, often low mileage and maintenance-friendly.

When importing Japan or USA, you should take into account when it comes to radio/navigation

Amplifier/Logic 7

Most vehicles have harman/kardon (810) with a logic 7 amplifier. This amplifier must be replaced when it comes to Japan vehicles from 2009 (facelift) or programmed differently. For USA vehicles, they can be reprogrammed.

Command Head Unit

The command head unit of Japanese vehicles needs to be replaced. This is a system specially developed for the Japanese market by Panasonic. There is no European software available for it.


Telephony is not available by default in EU devices. If you want telephony, you can consider having an NTG3.5 unit placed

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