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Conditions for using the mbnaviworld.nl website

  1. This website has been compiled with great care. Nevertheless, mbnaviworld.nl does not guarantee that the information included or referred to in this website is complete, correct and suitable for the purpose that the user of this website gives to this information.
  2. mbnaviworld.nl therefore excludes any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by the content of the information on the mbnaviworld.nl website, including consequential damage and lost profit as well as damage to computer hardware and software. Nevertheless, mbnaviworld ensures that the website complies with current web standards
  3. Mbnaviworld.nl is at all times permitted to change this website and its content. mbnaviworld.nl cannot be held liable for any consequences of changes.
  4. This website may contain links or references to other websites. Since mbnaviworld.nl does not supervise the content of other websites, mbnaviworld.nl does not accept any liability for the content of information provided by third parties on these third-party websites.

Trademarks, Trademarks, etc.

All brands mentioned on this website including 'Mercedes', 'Mercedes-Benz', 'VW,' BMW ',' Daimler AG ',' Bluetooth ',' Apple iPod ',' Apple iTouch ',' Apple iPhone ',' Mercedes ',' Nokia ',' Siemens', 'HTC', 'Motorola', 'BenQ', 'Apple', 'CarPlay', 'Android', 'Mirrorlink', 'Android car', 'Porsche' and others are owned of the rightful owner and are used on this site with no intention of violating trademark law.


mbnaviworld.nl is in no way associated with car manufacturers, importers and / or car dealers. We are a fully independently operating company based in the Netherlands. All our agreements are governed by Dutch law.


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