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Our Comand Online FAQ NTG5*2

  1. In which vehicles is a Comand Online NTG5*2

    C class, GLC class and S/Cl class 222 until 2018

  2. Can I upgrade an NTG4(.5) device to an NTG5?

    Technically this would be possible, but some things have to be converted. We don't do this because the factory doesn't support it and you could end up having problems with encodings that cannot be solved later

  3. Does Apple Carplay, Android Car and Mirrorlink work?

    No, this is not supported for Comand NTG5*2

  4. What is the difference between a Comand NTG5*1, NTG5 and NTG5*2

    Comand NTG5*1 is a system from Melco
    Comand NTG5*2 is a Harman/Becker system. NTG5 usually means an NTG5*2 system

  5. What is the latest software version for the NTG5?

  6. I have an American or Japanese import car. Can you convert these?

    Yes, no problem including tuner, language and navigation