Frequently asked questions about NTG4 NTG4.5 systems

I would like to update my navigation

Yes, this is quite possible. We can offer you complete package

I get a message 'theft code active'

Your device is probably not properly learned or defective. Please contact us for the possibilities

My DVD video is turned off above 10km/h

That's right, this is a standard security from the supplier.

My display has failed, can you fix it?

of course

I would like to play music, what type of memory card do I need?

For the Comand NTG4 requires a PCMCIA adapter. With this adapter you can use various types of memory cards. Maximum size is in the order of 12GB and must be FAT32 formatted

My device switches off due to overheating

Most likely your device was retrofitted without ventilation. Please contact us. We can still provide your device with ventilation

I read on fellow websites that cooling would only be for V6 or warm countries.

No, this is complete nonsense. They may not feel like it or don't want to take the trouble to build it in according to factory instructions. Advice is to ignore these parties

My radio/comand dial no longer works properly

The rotary knob (or controller) sometimes breaks, so that the radio/device no longer responds when you turn. We can fix this

I want to update my navigation system but the update hangs

You will probably get an error message such as: “Unable to update maps, the DVD is ejected”. We can fix this problem.

The sound of my Comand NTG4 crackles when I turn on the radio

That's right, this is a known issue with the 2010 and 2011 models due to the introduction of lead-free solder. This often happens when the radio has been used for a while and then turned off and then turned on again shortly afterwards. For example, when refueling.

My device has a hard disk that is too small. What now?

In devices up to +/- the end of 2008, a 30GB hard disk has been converted. This disk has turned out to be too small for the latest navigation updates. This causes the device to hang between the 90% and 94%. We can fix this

I get an error message with Japanese/Chinese characters and the word “KEY OFF”

That's right, this is a known problem for us, especially with Comand NTG4.5 devices model year 2011 and 2012

I now have a Generation 1 NTG4.5 device. Can I update to generation 2 NTG4.5?

Yes, we can update the firmware. New is the silver background

What is the difference between an NTG4.5 and NTG4.7

The biggest difference is that the online part (Comand Online) of the NTG4.7 also works with the Apple iPhone. NTG4.5 only works with the so-called Bluetooth DUN profile and this is not supported by Apple. It goes without saying that you can make/receive calls hands-free for both devices, regardless of the type of device. In addition, the NTG4.7 also supports 'live traffic', but this can no longer be built in afterwards

I want to update my NTG4.5 navigation but this does not want to

This is a firmware issue. With older firmwares (2013 and early 2014) the navigation update crashes in some cases. We can repair this including installation of the latest navigation software.

I have an NTG4/NTG4.5 from Japan. Can you convert this?

Yes No problem. We can provide European software, language and radio frequency

Can I install a large screen with an Audio 20?

No, this is not possible