Frequently asked questions about Japan/USA Comand conversion

  1. Can you convert my radio?

    Yes, from NTG2.5 this is not a problem with the exception of S/CL devices between 2005-2008. These must be replaced. Also see

  2. I can arrange a European Unit myself

    No, that is often not necessary. We can convert your current unit in almost all cases

  3. Can you convert on location?

    No, unfortunately not because we need specialized equipment

  4. How does the conversion work?

    In summary: You make an appointment by e-mail, you will receive a price proposal in advance. You bring the car and often after a few days you can pick it up again

  5. What costs should I charge approximately?

    If your device can be converted, you must count between 400-600 euros in costs (depending on the type of device). With the S class/CL everything has to be replaced and then you have to think of +/- 1850 euro ink. VAT

  6. Do you also have reference or example projects

  7. Can you also help me "remote"

    Only for B2B within Europe under certain conditions in terms of volumes

  8. Do you also sell solutions so I can do it myself?


  9. I have imported a vehicle from Asia/America and now I want to update the navigation software

    No problem for us. Please contact via form

  10. I am considering importing a car from….

    You should take into account type approval in Europe, Lighting, Radio/Navigation, etc.