Frequently asked questions about Mbnaviworld

For which brands do you build/repair?

We repair for the Mercedes brand
– Audio Amplifiers
– Command navigation systems
– Audio 20 Navigation systems
– Becker Map pilot modules (also for VW Crafter)

We repair for the Porsche brand
– PCM 3.0 systems
– PCM 3.1 navigation systems

I would like to supply my navigation/telephony/multimedia system myself. Do you want to build this in?

No, we do not offer this service because our experience shows that in 8/10 cases the system is not fully delivered, eg missing the anti-theft codes or option release codes

My navigation system is broken. Can you make these?

Probably. Depends on what's broken. Please contact us via the repair form

Can I wait for it?

In most cases, it cannot be waited for unless special agreements are made about this, but we are reluctant to do so because we often cannot estimate in advance how long it will take and we depend on the (un)availability of, for example, the factory for programming. /coding

Do you build on location?


Can you tell me which part number I need and/or part number ABCD fits?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service because it is simply too complex. Part numbers change frequently and most parts also need to be programmed and definitely coded for operation. So mounting/replacing an (electronic) part yourself has become difficult.

I have seen a system on an online marketplace or social platform. Can you tell me if this will work?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service because there is more to it than just the device. Also think of navigation release codes, anti-theft codes and cable/microphones. Therefore, a simple yes or no is not enough. It is always a “Yes, provided…”.

Do I have to make an appointment?

In case you want to come by, very much so that we have time and space for you

I have purchased a so-called Android system but…?

Unfortunately, our minds are only limited to original telematics equipment. Android and others fall outside of that. These will undoubtedly be good, but we limit ourselves only to original.

Is my part properly coded/learned?

Mbnaviworld is authorized by the manufacturer to perform coding and programming in accordance with factory instructions. So, your car (part) is configured exactly as the factory envisioned it and in addition, because we have an official account, our coding/programming is registered on your digital car card with date, time and our name.