Mercedes amplifiers (logic 7): the frequently asked questions

Can my Mercedes amplifier be repaired?

Yes, we have a 99/100 chance of success

Why should my amplifier not be repairable?

1) He has previously been (attempted) to repair where the correct procedure has not been followed
2) Water damage

Can you explain a little more about your working method?

Repairing a logic7 w221 amplifier is a very labor intensive job. Our working method is that we have opted for a complete overhaul of the weak parts. This means
1) Overhaul of the 3V3 circuits
2) Overhaul + repair of the logic circuit. The electronics are often damaged because they are located right under the fan
3) Repair of the optical circuit. The amplifier is controlled via light (MOST)
4) Removal / repair of oxidate
5) Replacement of various electrolytic capacitors by automotive grade with very low ESR (internal resistance)
6) Software update to the latest state

This method is very tried and tested and our warranty claims are below 1% of all repairs.

Where can I find more information?

I see on “internet” that the amplifiers are being exchanged. Do you do this too?

We only exchange the amplifiers if the customer wants a working solution again within 24 hours, otherwise we need the amplifier a little longer

Do you also sell repair kits? I read that you can also clean it yourself?

No, cleaning is really a temporary solution if it works at all.

I see on “the internet” that repairs only cost half? Why should I have you repaired?

First of all, we don't just repair. We overhaul. Calculated back to the number of hours, we speak of an hourly rate in line with the market for this type of technical revision. It's a lot of work to do it right.