Frequently asked questions about Smartphone integrations (Android Car, Apple CarPlay)

Which systems work with Apple Car Play or Android Auto

I have an NTG4.5 or older system, what are the options?

* to NTG3: Only audio via the AUX or possibly video in via TV tuner
* NTG4: Bluetooth streaming via additional UCI module (518)
* NTG5: Carplay from 2016 (NTG5*1) or 2018 (NTG5*2)
* MBUX: You can activate CarPlay or Android Auto via the Mercedes store

I would like to listen to internet radio?

Our advice is to stream the music to the device via the JUKE app or Spotify app, for example. Some devices have online functions, but experience shows that streaming from the phone works much better and is also more user-friendly.

I find the activation of CarPlay via the Mercedes store too expensive. Do you have alternative?

No, in our opinion an excellent service in relation to, for example, the purchase of a telephone or navigation update

I see all kinds of so-called “Dongles” offered. Can you help me with this?

No, these Dongles are not original Mercedes and probably also illegal.