Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Becker Map pilot systems

For which devices is the becker map pilot suitable

For all Audio 20 devices from generation 4.5 and 4.7 This is on average from 2011 to 2014 (up to ntg5). In addition, they have also been converted into certain VW models such as the crafter.

State street [enter] or street [enter] on it

Becker still uses the HERE maps. It is best to check via the HERE website whether this street is on it. Of course, this is no guarantee that this street is actually included in the navigation software because it is not continuously updated

I see on online marketplaces and / or social networks that the navigation software is offered much cheaper. Why is the official software more expensive?

Our advice is to always use the Official Software which you can purchase through us or directly from becker. This way you prevent your device from crashing, getting infected with spyware / viruses or worse, being blocked

I am looking for a Dutch manual of the becker map pilot?

I am not getting any TMC reports

The becker is probably installed without a TMC module. We can repair and / or adjust this for you

Do you also supply individual modules?

Yes, if in stock you can order it via the contact form

What is the most recent software version?

My becker map pilot got stuck while updating and now I only get to see the start screen?

This is a known problem for us and we can fix it.

My becker map pilot got stuck while updating and now I only get to see the start screen?

We believe that the costs for a repair are cheaper than a new becker map pilot or any used one with full description + donor chassis number and invoice

I have heard that there are multiple versions of the Map Pilot

Yes, this is correct. There are some small technical differences, but functionally they work the same and they are interchangeable.

The new cards no longer fit on my becker box. Do you have a solution?

Yes, we can expand the memories to 8GB

How can I update my becker map pilot?

You can do this by going to and following the instructions. You can purchase both the firmware (free) and the navigation software + expansion modules via

I see in my becker information screen that I had version 2019Q2 while I bought version 2020?

Becker units with hardware revision 1 show the map position instead of the commercial indication. 2019Q2 corresponds to the sales denomination 2019/2020

What is the difference between Hardware Revision I and II?

There is no functional difference. Technically, HW II is slightly faster at start-up due to the use of newer memory types.

HW I are the models: 9077, MO13, MO45, MO046 and everything in between
HW II are the models MO54 and higher

You can recognize the difference by the external memory card lock. The HW I has an SD card slot. HW II has a mini SD card slot