Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Repair

Can my device be repaired?

Yes, in most cases we can repair your device or module for a fixed price because we have already dealt with many problems.

How can I register my repair?

We have developed a step-by-step plan so that you can quickly and easily register your repair digitally via: 
You can only register via this route, because then we know for sure that we get all the information about your device that we need in advance.

How much does an average repair cost?

We are very transparent about this. Fortunately, we can solve common problems quickly and cost-effectively. You benefit from our rich knowledge base, experience and network, so that we often know immediately or very quickly what is going on and can repair it at a fixed price and more importantly, a proven solution. Other problems after agreement at an agreed hourly rate

The cost of a repair will never be higher than an alternative exchange device. With an exchange device, you also run the risk that the problem will occur again with a known problem. In addition, you do not need to purchase new option codes such as navigation codes or other codes.

Do you charge research costs?

Yes, if you decide not to have the device repaired by us, we charge € 85,– incl. VAT on costs. These costs consist of labour, communication to the client, packing and returning the device.

Have you received my package?

We receive several packages every day, so we cannot individually keep track of this. Advice is to keep an eye on your track/trace. If you have the feeling that something is going wrong, you can always contact us by email

Can I also register a repair from abroad?

Yes, no problem within the European Union. Outside of that, please contact us in advance because of customs formalities and to mention certain numbers such as our EORI number

How long does a repair take?

Always allow for 10-15 working days. Urgent orders in consultation under adjusted conditions

When will you return my package?

After receipt of payment, we digitally register your package with PostNL or UPS. These carriers visit us at least on Tuesday and Friday. Everything paid before 4:00 PM on Monday will be carried over on Tuesday. Everything paid before 4 p.m. on Thursday will be carried over on Friday.

I have a tip for you!

We would like to hear this via the contact form

I would like to speak with you by phone about my repair.

We communicate about the progress of the repair by e-mail so that we can look up all the details. If necessary, we will contact you, but in 99/100 cases this is not necessary, our experience shows as long as you complete the contact form completely.

I would like to come by for repair

Feel free to drop by to hand in your device or module. Can't wait for the repair itself.

Do I have to re-learn my device after repair?

From an average of 2010 it is unfortunately necessary in most cases due to anti-theft measures because the device is temporarily blocked if it is connected outside your own car. We will provide you with all the necessary information to retrain the device.

Learning can take place at the dealer, specialist garage or with us. The latter by appointment only. There are additional costs associated with teaching/installing. If you have it done at a dealer or specialist garage, you must arrange this yourself and we are not a party in this

Amplifiers (logic7) and Becker Map pilot modules do not need to be re-learned.

Do I have to buy my navigation codes again?

No, we will ensure that the navigation works or else inform you in advance so that you can make your own decision

A used device from [fill in] is much cheaper, isn't it?

No, we believe that this is not the case if you are looking for a reliable device. In addition, you must also purchase the navigation release codes and anti-theft codes and the device must be registered on the digital vehicle card. So it is not just the device that you have to take into account. Total price will always be higher than any repair; after all, otherwise we would supply you with an exchange device and not make every effort to repair it.

Do you also work directly for private individuals?

Installation or conversion of navigation systems is available for companies and of course private customers. We only offer repairs directly to private individuals to a limited extent, because the device often also has to be removed and re-learned with special equipment, etc. We advise you to always consult your local garage or dealer because there is a chance that they are already a customer with us. .

I can arrange a donor device for repair myself

Unfortunately, we only work with our own materials. Incidentally, it is not wise to use a donor device for common ailments; after all, then you run the risk that you will get the same complaints again sooner or later.

Do you also work with resellers?

Yes, we work B2B and we have local partners in most countries within the EU. If you are looking for a local partner, please send us an email

Is there VAT on the Repair?

Yes, the repair is taxed at 21% VAT on labor and materials. If you live within the EU and have a valid VAT number, we can provide the service net after verification. For export outside the EU, please contact us in advance, given the various possible scenarios.

For private individuals, the service is always taxed at 21% VAT.