Mercedes Becker Map Pilot Repair

Becker Map Pilot Repair available for:

Remodeled in ao

  • A/B class from 2014-2018
  • CLA/GLA until 2012-2015
  • E class from 2012-2015
  • Sprinter until 2018
  • Vito/Viano until 2018 (with Audio 15)
  • VW/MAN crafter
  • SLC
Becker map pilot module
Becker map pilot module MO54

Known Issues

  • Unit stays on red "becker map pilot" logo
  • The screen will show: navigation cannot be activated or module not present
  • Battery defective or not present message
  • Memory too small (4GB) to load the latest maps
  • Navigation keeps restarting
  • Module is no longer recognized on the computer
  • GPS signal no longer works

Background / Cause

A battery problem or poor quality electronic components can cause the modules to malfunction. This often becomes visible after an update of the software because certain chips are then rewritten or flashed. This addresses the pre-existing problems because these chips were no longer 100%. So for the record, in our expertise, it is not the software itself but purely the hardware

Type of modules

Hardware revision I (with large SD slot)Hardware revision II (with small micro SD slot)
BE9077 / 9077M075
M041 / M045 /M046M076
9077 4BM083/M084/M085
M050 / M051M092/M097

Cost of repair:

More infomation: