Mercedes Comand folding screen ntg4 repair

Error image Comand Folding screen

Comand Folding screen switches off after start-up but music continues to play

  • Image blinks occasionally
  • Stripes on the screen
  • Screen lighting has (partly) failed
  • Screen is damaged
  • Screen shows the following error message when reading out dealer / specialist garage: overheated

Part Numbers:

- A2048204697
- A2048204797
- A2048204097
- A2048204197


C class 204 with folding screen or GLK with fixed screen.

We offer several options:

Option 1: Repair of LCD + electronics

We replace the LCD with an already repaired LCD and repair the electronics on site.

Costs: 250 euros

Option 2: Replacement of the LCD by a new LCD + repair electronics

We will replace the LCD with a brand new LCD + repair the underlying electronics of the monitor where necessary

Cost: 350 euros

Option 3: Complete replacement

If the screen cannot be repaired (due to irreparable damage to the print due to a severe short circuit), we charge 450 euros in total for replacing the screen. This is the case in about 15% of the repairs. You will of course receive a quote in advance.

Option codes on your car card: 527 or 512 (Comand NTG4)

Please note, we only exchange screens that have not been repaired before. If your screen has been repaired before, please contact us in advance to avoid disappointment. Of course we can help you, but we want to see the screen before we make an offer.

Comand Folding screen NTG4
Comand Folding screen NTG4