Final editions navigation software

Mercedes Comand final editions

What we have suspected for some time has now been confirmed by Mercedes. The Comand NTG4 of the C / GLK / SLS and Comand NTG4-212 will no longer be equipped with new navigation software. This does not surprise us because there have been problems with the size of the hard disk for some time. However, it is disappointing that a premium manufacturer stops updating navigation software within 10 years of its introduction. Anyway, c'est ca.

C / GLK / SLS NTG4 Comand final editions

Final edition is 2018/2019 with ticket booth 2017Q2 (HERE)

E / CLS NTG4-212 Comand

Final edition is 2017/2018 with ticket booth 2017? (TomTom)

S / CL class NTG3 Comand

Final eidtion is 2018/2019 with ticket booth 2017 (HERE)

More info: Navigation software for Mercedes navigation systems

Final editions
Final editions navigation software 3