Navigation software for Mercedes navigation systems

Overview actively updated systems

For the following systems we can supply the original software licenses based on your chassis number

Model seriesVersionCard standLatest update
Comand NTG5 * 2Version 2021/2022
2021June 2021
Comand NTG5 * 1Version 2021 V15
2020Q2Nov 2020
Comand NTG5 * 5Version 2021 V20
2020Q4April 2021
Comand NTG6 (mbux)Version 2021 V15
2020Q4March 2021
Overview software versions actively updated systems

Download yourself

For the following types of systems, you can install the download software or purchase in the Mercedes Store

Model seriesVersionCard standLatest update
Becker Map Pilot rev1
(MO13, 9077, MO45)
Version 2020/20212020Q2Summer 2021
Becker Map Pilot rev2
(MO54 and above)
Version 20212020Q2Summer 2021
Garmin NTG5 audio 20
Overview software versions actively updated systems

Final version systems

The following systems are no longer actively being updated. Mercedes has indicated that these are the final versions

Model seriesAvailable for single
sell at
VersionCard standLatest update
Comand NTG1 (loose DVD)NoVersion 2018/201920172017
Comand NTG2 (loose DVD)NoVersion 2017/201820172017
Comand NTG2.5YesVersion 201920182019
Comand NTG3YesVersion 2018/1920172018
Comand NTG3.5NoVersion 2014/2015 V1120132015
Comand NTG4YesVersion 2018/20192017Q12019
Comand NTG4 (212/207)YesVersion 2017/201820172018
Comand NTG4.5YesVersion 2019/20202018Q42019
Overview software versions actively updated systems

Costs and method

Update yourself:

YOU orders with us a license code and we will send you an SD card or USB stick by post with the latest original software and original license code from the manufacturer. This is (only) possible for Comand Online NTG4.5 / NTG5 / NTG5.5/NTG6.

Cost incl. USB stick: 160 euros incl. VAT

Older systems not due to compatibility firmware and/or size Hard Drive

Bring / return the device

If you decide to have the system updated by us, this will be done in the following way:

  • You bring the device along or (rather) send the device to us
  • We will inspect the device and provide it with recent navigation and firmware updates
  • We will return the device or you can pick it up again
  • Often ready within a few working days.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to wait for the updates because it has become too complicated and often the firmware of the device has to be updated with the latest updates. In addition, because the devices are getting older, the CD / DVD readers are not always of sufficient quality to carry out the firmware update. The same goes for the internal hard disk

Costs for navigation + firmware update: 250 euros incl. VAT. In some cases, the device must be SCN coded. This can be done by appointment at no extra cost.