NTG2.5 Comand Japan conversion

NTG2.5: Points of Attention

Japan versions have a joystick-like button. EU systems have push buttons. In addition, there are different tuner types. These also need to be replaced in some cases. In addition, ntg2.5 are equipped with theft codes from 2009 onwards. Japan units are single DVD. EU versions of eg SL 230 units are only available with an exchanger.

“Joystick” on Japan devices

Portfolio Mercedes SL 230 AMG 2009


Client had imported a SL 63 AMG from Japan and wanted to convert the system to fully Dutch (European)

  • Loading navigation ECE
  • Loading European languages
  • Disable ETC
  • Implement correct coding
  • Replace the right button of the appliance
amg gt small
Mercedes SL 230 Japan NTG25

For conversion

IMG 0396 result
NTG2.5 Japan SL

Language Japanese

After conversion

Mercedes Comand NTG2.5 European

Language Dutch (European)

Photo Gallery

IMG 9682
Mercedes Comand Telephony NTG25

IMG 9680
Mercedes Comand NTG25 Radio

IMG 9678
Mercedes Comand NTG2.5 Card

More NTG2.5 conversion

We regularly convert NTG2.5 units. We have published some examples to illustrate our work: