Porsche PCM Repair

Porsche PCM Repair (PCM 3.1)

Remodeled into:

These systems have been rebuilt in:

  • 911 (991): 2013-2016
  • Boxster: 2012 to 2015
  • Cayman 2012 to 2012
  • Cayenne (958) 
  • Panamera (970)
  • Macan (S)
  • 911 Carrera (S)
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Videos of Repair
Porsche PCM
Porsche PCM 3.1

Known Issues:

  • Unit reboot
  • Music register cannot be accessed
  • Touchscreen does not work
  • Navigation map cannot be loaded
  • Navigation map is not visible
  • Phone does not work or does not activate
  • DVD / CD cannot be read
  • Changer not working
  • Hard disk makes ticking sound and device no longer responds

Available for:

IMG 4043
Macan PCM 3.1 Repair

IMG 3542
Cayenne PCM 3.1 Repair

IMG 3738
911 PCM 3.1 Repair

Model numbers

There are two hardware revisions with different firmware versions. Main functional difference is the size of the hard disk, with REV II there is room to store music files (jukebox)

Hardware PCM 3.1 Rev 1
  • 9600
  • 9608
PCM 3.1 Rev II
  • 9633
  • 9637
  • 9639
  • 9632
  • 9644

Is your device not listed here? You may have one Porsche PCM 3.0 system.


As soon as we receive the device, we will assess the device and send you a Porsche PCM repair proposal. Often within a few days.

We will repair the device and test it carefully after your agreement

In addition, we will always provide the device with

  • Recent firmware (currently version 4.76 for HW II and 3.43 for HW I)
  • Recent navigation software (currently 6.5.1 version 2018/19)
  • Error memory is cleared
  • Relevant codes for your Porsche such as version, hybrid / non-hybrid, sound system type, etc.


That is why in 99/100 cases you no longer have to go to the dealer / specialist garage. In some cases, for example if the entire memory / flash is no longer available, you may still have to have the device taught-in at the dealer. We will deliver the device plug-and-play as much as possible.

This will save you at least 500 euros in codes and labor costs on top of the repair.

If the device is completely “dead”, for example due to incorrect use of a battery booster, it may be that the codes are all gone. We will inform you about this before we actually start the repair.

Why Mbnaviworld?

We hear and read that more parties offer Porsche PCM repairs. This means that it is a very common ailment which we can also confirm based on our own experience.

We believe, based on customer feedback and our own research, that we distinguish ourselves with:

  • Update software (firmware) to latest state
  • 98/100 success rate (if not previously opened).
  • Navigation is updated when possible and applicable
  • Retention of all unlock / option codes present
  • plug and play. Because we have it for original equipment we can in most cases deliver the equipment completely plug and play.

Option codes

Porsche works with so-called option codes. These are codes to enable or disable certain functionalities such as navigation, bluetooth and usb. These codes are purchased once when the car is purchased by the 1st owner and are securely stored in the unit. Therefore, it is important to carry out the repair carefully so that these codes are not lost or become unusable. In these cases, you will need to purchase and install these codes again after repair. This often results in a substantial additional expense

Fortunately, thanks to our proven method, we can secure these codes unless the unit (memory) is completely “dead”. Fortunately, the latter case is rare to date.


Costs of Porsche PCM repair based on research but on average around Euro 600.00 incl. 21% VAT and 1 year warranty. Plug-and-play (* 1) and equipped with recent navigation software and firmware

(* 1) We make every effort. However, in 5%-10% cases you should still go to the dealer. This when the unit is completely “dead”.

Available for ao. the following part numbers:

Part Numbers:

  • 99164217813 (991.642.178.13)
  • 99164297010 (991.642.970.10)
  • 99164217818 (991.642.178.18)
  • 99164297013 (991.642.970.13)
  • 99164295000 (991.642.950.00)
  • 99164217819 (991.642.178.19)
  • 7P5035884CF (7P5.035.884.CF)
  • 99164217815 (991.642.178.15)