Repair of Comand Outages and APS 50 Navigation Systems: Common Problems

Mercedes repair comand systems, the common problems currently

  • Star in the picture / Reboot of the system (NTG2 Comand)
  • Plop in the sound / scratches in the sound (NTG4 Comand)
  • Rotary knob (NTG4 / NTG4.5 systems)
  • Update crash (NTG4 Comand and NTG4.5 / NTG4.7 comand)
  • Monitor fails (NTG4)
  • Device hangs at start-up (NTG2.5)
  • Message: Theft protection active after replacing or relearning the ignition lock (NTG2.5).
  • Becker map pilot crashes (NTG4.5)

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