Smartphone integration solution for Comand Online and Audio 20

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Mercedes offers smartphone integration for various models. This means that you can play various applications from your phone directly on the navigation system while retaining the original system functions such as radio and telephony.

You can install these special “CarPlay or Android” compatible apps via the Appstore or Playstore and then use them via your navigation system. So you cannot install apps via the ME portal or via Mercedes Connect. This does not work.

There are various sites, upon which you can find an overview of the popular apps of the moment. Connecting and activating the smartphone link is done via a USB cable. Wireless is not (yet) supported with the NTG5 and NTG5.5 devices

For more information about the technical options, please refer to Mercedes connect

Smartphone integration
Apple CarPlay integration
Apple CarPlay hub
USB Hub with smartphone integration sign

Available for

Mercedes has been offering smartphone integration as an expandable option available in its Mercedes store since the MBUX generation

For older generations, CarPlay / Smartphone integration can still be retrofitted for the following models. Only the models named / mentioned below. For other models, the original is not possible and we have no solution.

NTG5 with Garmin
NTG5 * 1 Audio 20

NTG5 audio 20 models hardware type II (from 2016)

IMG 7177
NTG5 * 2 Garmin navigation

NTG5 audio 20 models for C/GLC from 2018 (code 154 on vehicle card)

ntg5 star1 result
NTG5 * 1 Comand

NTG51/NTG5.5 Command

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Overview per car type

Our solutions

Afterwards activation

If you have 1 of the above devices, we can convert / activate the device afterwards. Costs are 399 euros incl. VAT

If you have an MBUX device, you can activate it yourself in the Mercedes shop. We cannot do this for you


If you have a C / GLC class or an A / B / CLA with Audio 20 (Garmin) HW I (not with the smartphone symbol on the USB hub) we can replace your audio 20 device with a device with the correct hardware position . Costs complete are 699 euros incl. VAT. The old device will then be taken in

Comand conversion NTG5 (C/GLC/Viano) is not possible.

Older head unit types (NTG4 / NTG4.5)

Unfortunately, we have no solution for this. Due to the large number of questions about this, we cannot always provide you with a personal answer. Perhaps a 3rd party solution / integration solution offers

CarPlay, Android Auto are registered trade names