The five most common online complaints

Comand Online Complaints

Although the Comand Online NTG5 are excellent systems so far, there are still a few points of attention that we can remedy at a fraction of the new price.

1. Device restart or black screen

This problem is the most common. This has to do with the hard disk and / or storage memories.

2. CD / DVD changer no longer works

By coins or double CDs in 1 tray.

3. Navigation update got stuck on an update

When updating to a newer version (eg V14 A0070065899) the update got stuck.

4. Device no longer responds when pairing the phone or after hanging up

This is a purely software problem. In most cases this can be solved with a firmware flash + scn encoding

5. Message: Bootloader active

This is often due to a software (flash) update that has crashed. If it happens while driving, one of the memories has often become corrupt.

Available for ao

  • A2179003401
  • A2179007001
  • A2179002102
  • A2179005102
  • A2179003302
  • A2179002602
  • A2179000402
  • A2179007201
  • A2179004602
  • A2179002802
  • A2179002102
  • A2179009901
  • A2059008015
  • A2059006916
  • A2059008117
  • A2059003719
  • A2059006915
  • A2059004236
  • A2059010415
  • A2059007721
  • A2059004422
  • A2059000541
  • A2059002134
  • A2059002833
  • A2059002929
  • A2059002929
  • A2059004236
  • + Many others
command online complaints bootloader
Comand Online complaints: Bootloader suddenly active