Which version of Becker Map pilot do I have now?

We hear from the market that there is confusion about the navigation version becker map pilot. Unfortunately, Becker is inconsistent in stating the version information, which understandably creates confusion.

There are 2 versions of becker map pilots:

  •  A commercial/marketing name: e.g. 2019/2020 or 2020
  • The underlying version of the map database (“database version”). E.g. 2019Q2 or 2018Q4

Revision 1 (with the big sd card slot, 9077 and the M013, MO45 use the database version as version name

Revision II (with the small sd card, from MO54 use the commercial version.

So as an example.

Database version 2018Q4 is 100% identical to the commercial version 2019/2020.

For the most recent navigation software see: Navigation software for Mercedes navigation systems