Your Mercedes Navigation no longer works. The 5 most common causes

1. Broken hard drive or internal memory

This is the most common cause. An internal hard drive that fails or internal memory. You can (often) recognize this error by the fact that the unit does start, often up to the Mercedes logo, and then restarts because an internal error has been detected.

2. Stuck with a navigation or firmware update

This can happen due to, for example, a bad CD/DVD player, causing the navigation or firmware update to crash. We also regularly receive units between 2008-2011 of which the internal hard disk is corrupt or even has too little free space for an update. Becker Map Pilot also has several known issues that cause it to crash during an update

3. MOST or CAN bus interrupted

This is often the case with aircraft up to 2008 or Japan conversion. The device communicates with each other by means of an optical bus (light) and with the rest of the car via CAN. If these buses are interrupted, the device will not start up or you will not get any sound, for example if you have an external amplifier (harman/kardon or bose).

4. Lead-free solder

Since +/- 2010 it is mandatory within the EU to use lead-free solder. Lead-free has a higher melting point, which causes quality problems, especially in the beginning. This results, for example, in spontaneous failure or no image. The problem can often be solved by re-soldering the critical components with the correct solder.

5. Use battery charger

We regularly receive appliances that have broken down after an empty battery. The car was then started with an external battery or power source. When disconnecting, a voltage spike has occurred because the external source has been disconnected. It is always recommended to follow the correct procedure when “overstarting”, for example by making sure that many consumers are switched on.