Mercedes Comand: The different generations

Mercedes Comand DX or APS DX

System was rebuilt between 1998 and 2006. Navigation is via a CX or DX CD. A CD is available per country (or group of countries).

This system is still popular with SL 230 types import from Japan because this system only works with the BOSE sound system

Mercedes Comand DX system
Mercedes Comand DX system

NTG series (“New telematic generation”)

System was renovated between 2008-2020

There are different versions. From NTG1 (with separate DVD reader in the trunk to NTG5.5 with smartphone integration

Most are made by Harman/Becker. Melco (Mitsubishi Electronics) also supplied various series around 2008-2013 such as NTG4 and NTG4.5

Mercedes APS 50 212 BE9013 BE9014
Mercedes APS 50 212 BE9013 BE9014


This system will be delivered from 2018

MBUX is the latest generation with 4G connectivity and full integration with the instrument cluster

Mercedes MBUX radio
Mercedes MBUX radio overview CLA